Dr. Saha. N.C

Former Director

Indian Institute Of Packaging

Presentation Topics : Business Session 1: Spice Based Applications : Potential & Prospects:Topic 6: Responsible Food Packaging and Emerging Trends


Prof. N. C. Saha is an internationally acclaimed Professional with 35 years of rich experience in the eld of Packaging Science and Technology. He is the Former Director of Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP). An alumnus of School of Packaging, Michigan State University, USA and University of Tehran for Advanced Program in Productivity Concepts & Tools, he obtained Masters in Food Technology from Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), Mysore and has Ph. D in Packaging Management. He has served in various capacities namely the Vice President of World Packaging Organization (WPO); Secretary General of Asian Packaging Federation (APF); Chief Advisor- Packaging (INDUS), Embassy of Netherlands, Govt of Netherlands; Board Member of APEDA, Spices Board, Member of Expert Committee of FSSAI, MoFECC & MoFPI; etc. He has also authored two book “Food Packaging” for IGNOU, and “Packaging of Fragrance” for FFDC. In addition, he has published 20 Research papers, 450 articles in Packaging and acquired Patent on “Packaging Container made of Plastic laminated Tube for liquid jaggery”. He was also Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Packaging Technology and Research, by Springer Nature, Germany. Currently, he is the Chairman of three Sectional Committees of BIS, Government of India and Member, Expert Committee, Indian Pharmacopeia Commission, (IPC) Government of India, Technical Expert, BIRAC, Ministry of Biotechnology, Govt. Of India and a Permanent Honorary Member of Asian Packaging Federation (APF).