Mr. Inaba Tomonori

Chief Expert

All Nippon Spice Association (ANSA)

Presentation Topics : Business Session 2 : Global Spice Markets: Trends & Opportunities:Speaker


All Nippon Spice Association (ANSA), is a non-profit association in Japan. Established in 1962 by 16 companies who have devoted in spice processing and or spice sales activities more than 3 years in Japan. Renamed to All Nippon Spice Association (ANSA) in January 1974 and now comprises 29 member companies as of today. All Nippon Spice Trade Association (ANSA) comprises of leading Japanese spice, flavour, fragrance and seasoning companies – it provides information on food safety issues to consumers and relevant governmental bureaus in so realistic and adequate food safety regulations can be established for spices. The ANSA provides information on the levels of permissible chemical residue in the imported spices, facilitates detection of residual pesticides, additives, and contaminated substances and ensures that the percentage composition is within the regulated amount.