Ms. Evangelin Francis

Head (R&D)

Symega Food Ingredients Limited

Presentation Topics : Business Session 1: Spice Based Applications : Potential & Prospects:Topic 5: Spice-Based Seasonings & Sauces: Opportunities for Growth


Mrs Evangelin Francis is currently the Senior Manager (New Product Development) at Symega Food Ingredients where she is in-charge of the development of seasonings, marinades and premixes for meat, poultry, fish and vegetable products. Her skills include development of seasonings for PepsiCo and QSR market and working with the team in setting up a new facility for dry blends. Mrs Evangelin Francis started her career as Junior Scientist (Customs) at Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, Cochin, India and went on to work in Executive and Assistant Manager positions at Innovative Foods Private Limited, Cochin, India. She also worked as Assistant Manager ( Research ,Development and Application) at Kerry Ingredients Private Limited, Bangalore, India; Senior Product Development technologist (Dry blends) at McCormick India (Kohinoor Specialty foods) and Manager, Product Development (Frozen Foods and Seasonings)PRAN-RFL group, Bangladesh. Mrs Evangelin Francis had developed and commercialized low sodium retorted products for US market for McCormick.